New savings with electricity demand response – EG EnerKey and Fusebox into cooperation

The partnership between EG EnerKey and Fusebox offers EG EnerKey’s customers a solution for electricity demand response. Electricity demand response enables a better balance between electricity supply and demand. As electricity use increases and exceeds electricity production, instead of increasing production, a cheaper and more sustainable solution is to temporarily reduce consumption through demand response. Similarly, the use of electricity can be increased when electricity is available beyond the need. Also, taking advantage of electricity demand response is a sustainable choice as increasing production often takes place with fossil fuels.

The customer always has the choice to opt out from participating in the demand response. Fusebox’s solution doesn’t automatically control building management systems, but the electricity user always makes the final decision to adjust the electricity use.

In addition to saving on electricity consumption, Fusebox’s solution can also be used to generate revenue, as Fusebox pays the customer for the electricity saved. In the webinar, you will hear examples of savings and revenue.

Fusebox’s electricity demand response solution is part of EG EnerKey’s AI feature Ines. Ines enables demand response potentials to be automatically found in electricity consumption data. EG EnerKey then contacts customers who, based on the consumption data, would benefit from the electricity demand response. Deployment is always fast, especially when you have a cloud-based building management system in use.

See the webinar presentation materials here:
Juha Liikanen – EG EnerKey
Aleksandr Sepp – Fusebox