Ines Ventilation Analytics

EnerKey’s AI based Ines Ventilation Analytics focuses on analysing ventilation energy consumption which usually causes the largest heat loss in a facility.

In this webinar, Juha Liikanen from EnerKey, takes a closer look at what Ines Ventilation Analytics is and how it can help you to optimise ventilation operating times in order to save energy and money.

Juha will also show some very interesting savings potentials Ines has already found. Some of these real savings examples include:

  • Optimisation of commercial property ventilation: 57 MWh and 4 100 € per year
  • Missing time program for commercial property: 140 MWh and 9 900 € per year
  • Optimisation of day care center’s time programs: 100 MWh and 6 500 € per year
  • Optimisation of office property’s time programs: 600+ MWh and 40 000+ € per year

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