Ines Smart Benchmarking

Ines Smart Benchmarking compares the energy use and key-figures of energy use to those of similar properties.

EnerKey’s extensive database of over 15 000 properties ensures that Ines can tell how a typical property should behave.

Ines Smart Benchmarking not only tells you how much energy a property is using relative to others, but also seeks to find the reason for such energy use.

The results of Ines Smart Benchmarking are shown in different kinds of reports inside EnerKey SaaS. You can select the report type from a list or create a report of your own.

The reports could, for example, answer to the following questions:

  • Which office properties consume the same energy compared to other office properties located in Finland?
  • In which properties does the heating turn on too early?
  • Does the property have simultaneous heating and cooling during summer?

By creating your ow reports, you can get an answer to the questions you want.

Contribute to the development of Ines Smart Benchmarking

You will now have an excellent opportunity to contribute to the development of Ines Smart Benchmarking by giving your opinion on what you would like to find out from your properties by comparing them to other properties. Which are the questions you would like to get answered with Ines Smart Benchmarking? Please write your ideas and thoughts in the box below and press send. Thank you!