Ines Heating Consumption Analytics

EnerKey’s AI feature Ines finds energy savings potentials automatically and thus helps to reduce energy consumption, costs and emissions. Ines will also significantly reduce the amount of manual work needed and therefore experts can spend their time fixing problems instead of just finding those.

So far, Ines has been successfully analysing ventilation data and been able to find significant saving potentials. Next, Ines will analyse heating data and help you to find out how much heating energy your properties consume and how to improve the energy efficiency of the properties.

Ines heating analysis is suitable for all heated properties. Only the hourly heat consumption data and the area of the property are needed as input data and no connection to the building automation is needed.

In the webinar, EnerKey’s Business Product Manager Juho Linsuri will tell more about the heating analysis in practice and how it gives concrete suggestions of how to improve the energy efficiency of the building. In addition, Juho reveals how Ines has been received among our customers.