EG Ines Benchmarking

EG Ines Benchmarking examines how building consumption behaves in relation to similar buildings in the entire EG EnerKey database.

EG Ines Benchmarking is for everyone:

  • Small and large buildings
  • Property portfolios of all sizes
  • Automatic and manual energy measurements
  • All building types

What does EG Ines Benchmarking tell us?

EG Ines Benchmarking could answer, for example, the following questions:

  • In which properties does the heating turn on too early
  • Does the property have simultaneous heating and cooling in the summer
  • Which office properties consume the same energy compared to other offices located in the same area

By creating your own reports in EG EnerKey SaaS, you can get an answer to the question you want.

Give your opinion on the development of EG Ines Benchmarking

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