EnerKey for comprehensive energy management

Technopolis is a real estate sector company that provides efficient and flexible office premises, coworking space and related services. In this sector, monitoring energy consumption is of key importance both for environmental and financial reasons. Comprehensive energy management is enabled by the EnerKey energy management system.

EnerKey is an energy management system of Enegia Group that makes it possible to monitor energy consumption and make decisions about energy management. This is crucial for energy efficiency and the environment.

“In the real estate sector, energy costs are high: about one-third of all maintenance costs. It’s therefore important to be able to monitor energy consumption accurately,” says Johanna Kivelä, Sustainability Manager at Technopolis.

Reduced environmental impacts

“EnerKey is great for quickly finding out the total consumption of property stock or, say, the biggest deviations. Monitoring supports our entire reporting process,” Kivelä says.

Thanks to EnerKey, the organisation can also identify other energy management opportunities and track the effects of energy efficiency measures, for example.

“Increasing energy efficiency reduces our company’s environmental impacts, which is very important to us,” Kivelä emphasizes.

Integral part of monitoring

According to Kivelä, Technopolis is happy with the cooperation with Enegia. During the collaboration, EnerKey has become an integral part of monitoring, and both parties have benefited from the evolving relationship.

“We have been using EnerKey for a long time. We really appreciate that EnerKey’s development has never stopped,” Kivelä praises.


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