Quality assurance of metering data

Almost 20 experts work on the quality assurance of EnerKey’s metering data.

Our experts ensure that meters are connected, remote reading devices are correctly configured, and meter readings are linked to IT systems. The repair of faulty meters and data connections is handled in cooperation with our customers and their partners.

Daily routines in the quality assurance of metering data

Our quality assurance team receives its tasks from our metering data ERP, directly from customers, and via the EnerKey HelpDesk. Customers’ meter readings are checked and any issues are resolved. The meter data that is checked by our quality assurance team is primarily obtained from physical meters. Both the quality and technical characteristics of the meters have a major impact on the quality of the data they produce. There are many different types of data collectors and users, and numerous ways of gathering data.


  • Quality assurance of metering data

  • Accuracy of metering data

  • Correcting deviations and deficiencies in meter readings

  • Developing a new database for metering data

  • A broad range of integrations and interfaces

More open data

In the future, we will be making considerable investments in the EnerKey system’s ease of integration. We will also be further developing our new metering data system.

Our goal is to obtain even higher-quality metering data, and also to further improve the service’s speed and scalability. Future areas for development include automated fault detection and correction, and the faster connection of new meters to EnerKey.

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