Integrations and interfaces

EnerKey currently has over 80 integrations and interfaces that enable us to read more than 100,000 meters.

A broad range of integrations and interfaces to meet all our customers’ needs

The number of system integrations will only increase in the future. The use of APIs in data transfer will also become more common. Meters will increase in number and be automated, sub-metering will become more common, and weather data will be better harnessed.

In the future, we will be measuring at a real-time accuracy level of three-minute and fifteen-minute resolutions. Wireless measurement solutions will dominate the sector, and EnerKey’s API will be enriched with more extensive site data, the ability to receive site data, and time series derived from consumption.

Cost-effective integration

We seek the most cost-effective interface solutions that meet our customers’ quality criteria, primarily by utilising EnerKey’s existing interfaces. New interfaces are developed according to our customers’ needs. ​

Our quality assurance and comprehensive range of tools ensure that our metering data can be harnessed by all of EnerKey’s features to the best advantage of our customers.

EnerKey integraatiot

EnerKey API

Our modern application programming interface (Restful Data API) generates hourly or monthly data from EnerKey’s energy meters, thereby enabling our customers to combine their consumption data with other data sources. Both the API and EnerKey’s consumption data are also available to third parties that have been authorised by our customers. In order to utilise this feature, customers will need to update their Service Agreement.


Transferring API consumption data from the EnerKey energy data management system

A technical description of the Data API can be found online at:

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