Energy reporting

With EnerKey’s energy reporting, you will know exactly how much energy you are consuming.

EnerKey’s energy reporting

EnerKey’s energy reporting provides clear and comprehensive reports on consumption – all the way from an hourly to an annual level. It’s easy to manage the big picture and compare individual sites, as the service provides you with data, analyses and summaries on all of your properties through a single user interface.

  • Improve energy efficiency

  • Detect deviations in energy consumption

  • Enable comparison with other properties and historical data

  • Energy reporting saves both time and money.

The benefits of energy reporting

Energy reporting seeks to help you improve your energy efficiency. It will help you detect deviations and save on energy costs. Energy reporting will enable you to compare your energy consumption with other properties, for either a single site or multiple buildings. You can also easily compare consumption to earlier or normalised comparison periods.

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What is energy reporting?

Energy reporting means creating a clear overall picture of your energy consumption and its costs. Energy reporting concretises the results of your energy efficiency measures and supports planning.

Aa accurate energy reporting service with hourly intervals is an excellent way of monitoring the effectiveness of earlier measures. Users can accurately monitor how much energy they actually consume. The effects can be seen quickly and clearly. Any problematic areas can be immediately identified, and users can be notified of them. You can configure EnerKey’s energy reporting to give you the exact reports you need, making it an extremely useful tool for energy management.

The energy reporting system will provide clear, up-to-date figures for energy, water and heat consumption in your properties. You can also use the system to compare figures with the previous year or other properties’ consumption. When your consumption is clearly presented – for example, graphically – it is much easier to take action.

"Student Housing Foundation KOAS in Central Finland during the last year achieved EUR 500 000 in deferred savings in its energy consumption."

Satu Varstala, building engineer, KOAS Read the full success story >

"Long co-operation with EnerKey has generated annual savings of 5 million euros."

Matti Kalervo, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Kesko PLC Read the full success story >

"Jyväskylässä seurataan säännöllisesti EnerKeyn palveluiden kautta rakennuskohteiden kulutusta."

Tero Hirvelä, energia-asiantuntija, Jyväskylän kaupunki, Jyväskylän kaupunki Read the full success story >

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