Energy Management

Without proper management, energy goes to waste

A systematic operating method will enable you to manage your energy consumption and, above all, its correctly timed use at the right site. Energy management becomes even more important when you consume a lot of energy, as even small savings have large monetary value.

EnerKey’s Energy Management

An energy management tool will enable you to centrally manage your energy efficiency measures at company, site and meter level. The reason for every deviation can be documented in an energy monitoring programme for each specific site over the required time period. Both long-term and short-term targets can be set, either by site or form of energy. It’s also easy to configure target time series. You can prioritise and prepare for new measures before making decisions, and also analyse the effectiveness of earlier measures.

  • Managing energy-efficiency measures

  • Documenting deviations in energy consumption

  • Setting targets

  • Prioritising measures

  • Preparing for measures

  • Analysing the effectiveness of earlier measures

What is energy management?

Energy management means the total management of energy consumption and production. It involves functions such as planning energy production and consumption. Energy management involves using energy in accordance with requirements, while also taking environmental and financial objectives into consideration. It seeks to save resources, protect the climate and generate cost savings, while also ensuring that consumers receive all the energy they require.

The well-known ISO 50001 international standard for energy management systems exists to guide and support energy management. It uses a quality-system structure to define an operating model for energy management. This system is equally suitable for both companies and other organisations. With the aid of an energy management system, you can delegate tasks to subcontractors and partners, either as short-term projects or continuous services. You can instruct your partners to operate in accordance with your plans, thereby ensuring consistent quality.

Energy management is still a relatively new concept in the real estate sector. Improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy sources is considered important, but it is still rare for these issues to be managed in a systematic way, such as via a company’s energy strategy. However, it is definitely worth investing in energy management now, as it can help you attain not only cost savings but also a strong competitive edge.

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