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EnerKey is an ISO 50001-certified system for the management of properties’ energy efficiency and energy use.

EnerKey also meets the energy management criteria for ISO 14001 certification. EnerKey was certified by Bureau Veritas Certification Finland on 21 August 2018.

EnerKey ISO 50001 certificate

What is the ISO 50001 standard?

ISO 50001 is an international standard for energy efficiency management. It helps organisations set targets for energy use.

Energy management covers all of the measures taken to facilitate the sensible use and procurement of energy. An energy management system is a regular, systematic approach to ensuring good results in energy management.

An energy management system covers rules and targets for operations, the organisation of operations, and tools for the effective processing of energy management data. A well-implemented and documented energy management system can be certified like any other management system. The best-known certificate is the international ISO 50001 standard. ETJ+ certification is also used in Finland.


The ISO 14001 standard for environmental management is structurally similar, which makes an energy management system easy to integrate into existing quality and environmental management systems.

As an energy management system is basically just a smart way of dealing with energy, it is suitable for all responsible energy users. The current practices of many organisations already cover some aspects of the energy management system. In such cases, implementation will involve many minor improvements to consolidate the whole.

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