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Below you will find a list of our expert services tailored to our customers’ needs. Get in touch and tell us about your energy management and efficiency requirements – and we’ll offer you a solution.


To support your investment decisions, we perform reviews of heat recovery and the status of building automation, and make comparisons between different heating methods. We evaluate the feasibility of new forms of energy, such as solar power, and issue a neutral statement on the options.

Consumption analyses

We perform various consumption analyses with the EnerKey reporting service. If you would like to make full use of the energy-consumption monitoring service, our experts will perform the desired consumption analyses and help you make the most of energy metering.

Basic charge review
for district heating

The basic charge for district heating is determined according to the heating capacity required when your property joins the district heating network. Your required heating capacity may also decrease over time, in which case the basic charge will be too high unless the situation is reviewed from time to time. An error in the basic charge may result in several thousands of euros in unnecessary expenses for your property each year. A basic charge review examines the site’s contracted water quantity or capacity based on actual consumption over the past three years.

You will receive a calculation report with clear recommendations. If the review indicates that the basic charge is being paid on an incorrect basis, you can commission us to renegotiate the charge with your local heating company to correspond to the actual consumption of the property. You will receive a permanent price benefit as soon as the district heating company has lowered the basic charge to the correct level.

Basic charge review
for district heating

It is common for the water requirements of a property to change after joining the water company’s network, for example, due to energy-saving measures. Water requirements may also have been set too high to begin with. Even a minor adjustment between required and invoiced water consumption may mean hundreds of euros in savings.

We will calculate the size of the water meter required for your property on the basis of actual water consumption over the past three years. If your actual water consumption is less than you are being charged for, we recommend replacing the water meter with a smaller one. You will gain a permanent price benefit as soon as you have notified the water company of the new meter size and the new meter has been installed at your property.

Electricity taxes

Manufacturing or greenhouse farming companies will be most likely to benefit from a review and adjustment of their electricity tax class. In 2015, the difference between electricity tax classes was EUR 15.5/MWh, corresponding to EUR 15,500 each year for a company with annual electricity consumption of 1,000 MWh.

In addition to providing professional service, we will submit all important documents on your behalf, and also negotiate the return of any extra electricity tax you may have paid. You can apply for tax returns for the current year and three previous years, provided that your tax category has been incorrect for the entire period.

Distribution tariff optimisation

Distribution tariff optimisation ensures that your site has the correct distribution product and that you are not paying too much for electricity distribution. We will determine the most favourably priced distribution product offered by your local electricity company for your electricity consumption and use. Roughly 35% of our inspections have revealed potential savings for our customers.

The service determines the current tariffs for your sites and your electricity consumption for the past 12 months. Distribution costs are calculated for current and alternative tariffs. We will then propose tariff changes on the basis of this information. At the same time, we can examine how much each site exceeds the free idle power permitted by your network company.

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