Corporate energy audits

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Energy audits yield precise information about energy consumption and its distribution, and also provide suggestions on how to reduce energy costs and how long these measures will take to pay for themselves. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and costs, and also the CO2 emissions resulting from energy use.

We perform energy audits and analyses as required, in accordance with both the Energy Efficiency Act and Motiva’s guidelines. Motiva-compliant audits of municipalities, joint municipal authorities and small enterprises are eligible for subsidies from the local Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Different energy audit models

Corporate energy audit

This audit determines the energy consumption profiles of a company’s or Group’s offices and identifies opportunities for saving energy. It includes site reviews that give detailed information on the site’s energy consumption and suggest appropriate energy efficiency measures for the property.

The Energy Efficiency Act requires large companies to carry out an energy audit every four years.


For energy audits performed as part of Energy Efficiency Agreements, our default recommendation is to start using either an ETJ+ or ISO 50001-compliant energy data management system.

We’ll gladly help you decide on the best option. We’ll also help you to implement and schedule your chosen option in accordance with legislative requirements.

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Energy audits of properties

Suitable for analysing energy-saving opportunities in commercial and service-sector buildings. These audits can also be used to audit large-scale or technically complex buildings in the service sector: large commercial centres, hospitals or swimming halls.

  • Technical building systems (electricity, heating, water, ventilation)
  • Structures
  • Use of space

Industrial energy audits

For industrial sites where it is not essential to examine the energy consumption and efficiency of processes. During the audit, the energy consumption of production processes is examined only to the extent required to demonstrate their share of total consumption.

  • Technical building systems
  • Use of space
  • Plant service systems

Energy analyses in industry and the process industry

These analyses determine the precise energy production and consumption of different sites, and examine opportunities for improving energy efficiency both in the processes themselves and in their associated utility systems and properties.

  • Energy-saving opportunities in processes and production
  • Plant service systems
  • Technical building systems
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We perform energy audits and analyses as required, in accordance with both the Energy Efficiency Act and Motiva’s guidelines.
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