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The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä

“We want to improve the energy efficiency of our entire property portfolio. We are introducing a new energy-efficient technology, and we are constantly looking for new solutions alongside traditional forms. The objective is to start on the right path right away, as a lot of renovation and new construction projects are on the way for the coming years,” says CEO of JYY Marko Huttunen.

“We are currently looking for a strategic target space for the entire entity. The first measure, according to the strategy, is the life cycle of planning of the renovation phase performed in Kortepohja Student Village in Jyväskylä, the purpose of which is to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact from the perspective of both the life-cycle costs and of the users,” explains Jukka Akselin, Head of Energy Efficiency Services.


YH Ko­dit – We wanted a partner that is absolutely impartial

“We want to use our properties in a smarter way, however, without compromising on living comfort. The aim is to reduce our carbon footprint by way of optimized use of energy. We see a substantial savings potential,” says the Account Director of YH Kodit Stefan Stortz. YH Kodit also has an alarm service at their disposal, which enables a quick response by EnerKey in case of consumption changes taking place in the measurement and in case of disruptions observed in the building technology.

“The EnerKey reporting service allows us to collect consumption data in an automated manner into one place. With the help of remote management and EnerKey services, we can monitor, control and maintain the energy consumption and the operation of the building technology of YH Kodit around the clock. The end result are euro-denominated savings,” says Roope Varkka from EnerKey.

Powered by EnerKey

Powered by EnerKey is a “white label” cloud solution for you, who want to offer intelligent sustainability and energy management as-a-service for your enterprise and public sector customers.

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Trusted by 1000´s

"With EnerKey, the reporting of energy consumption takes only a fraction of the time it used to take when we did everything ourselves in Excel."

Johanna Mäkelä, Energy Expert, City of Oulu

City of Oulu

"Student Housing Foundation KOAS in Central Finland during the last year achieved EUR 500 000 in deferred savings in its energy consumption."

Satu Varstala, building engineer


“At Helen, we aim to provide our customers with the most powerful tools.”

Jyrki Eurén, Head of B2B Business

Helen Oy