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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which your browser installs on your computer. Cookies are used, for example, when it is necessary to transfer your details as you move from one page to another within the service. Cookies cannot be used against your permission. To read more about cookies, go to the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s website.

Cookies used on our website


We use Google Analytics, a common tool, to find out the number of visitors to our site and how they found their way on our site. Google Analytics is very commonly used, on practically all websites today.


Hotjar is a service with which the website manager can follow users’ movements on the site. Hotjar uses cookies to prevent the re-recording of users’ movements on the site. Read more about Hotjar cookies in their documentation.


Our cookie notification uses cookies to check whether the user has accepted the use of cookies on our site.

How are cookies managed and how are they deleted?

Use your browser settings to manage your cookies. You may, for example, prevent new cookies from being recorded, delete existing cookies or request a notification whenever new cookies are recorded. For more about cookie management, read here.