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Understanding the demands placed on companies by the Energy Efficiency Act requires energy expertise. As people become more aware of climate change, interest in sustainable energy consumption is also growing. Energy is both taking on greater significance and being used more efficiently, and energy systems are becoming more complex.

Companies are increasingly seeking expert advice in making the right choices for their business, and in managing their energy procurement and consumption. In order to support their customers, Naps Solar Systems Oy and EnerKey have gone into partnership to integrate local solar energy production into the EnerKey energy data management system.

”EnerKey is a leading expert in energy management in Finland. As the market leader in energy data management systems, EnerKey is the most reliable source of corporate energy data. We’re convinced that combining Naps’ solar energy systems with EnerKey technology will benefit our customers. With the aid of EnerKey, those responsible for corporate energy management will be able to see the advantages of our high-quality solar energy system as concrete figures, and will also be able reap even greater benefits from our solar energy systems,” says Naps’ CEO Jussi Ojanen.

Companies need more profound energy expertise

Corporate energy management has become increasingly multifaceted, and sustainability factors are increasingly being considered alongside financial indicators.

Finnish experts have realised this, and have now combined decades of expertise: Naps Solar (a solar energy pioneer) and EnerKey (the market leader in energy data management systems) have gone into partnership to integrate the data from Naps’ solar energy systems into EnerKey’s energy data management system.

With the aid of detailed energy data, it’s possible to make fact-based decisions that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Naps Solar is EnerKey’s only solar energy partner. Naps has delivered more than 250,000 solar photovoltaic systems in its almost forty-year history. Naps’ systems have been installed in more than 140 countries as both off-grid and grid solutions.

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