No solution can solve all problems – it’s best to choose a system that has been tailored towards a specific field. While EnerKey provides tools for achieving energy efficiency, the Fatman Frame is an ideal solution for contract management and property ERP.

Both sets of software revolve around the same basic principle: to provide complementary tools for the effective management of data in property management. And we’re pleased about this, both for ourselves and our customers. Together, we can promote the interests of both property owners and the environment.

“To compete in today’s market, you have to be the best in your core competence. I think we’re the best in property management ERP – that is, electronic maintenance log applications – and property contract management. If our own offering is too narrow in some other area, it’s sensible to look for the best partner in Finland and ensure that our own software works seamlessly with their system. EnerKey is just such a partner in the field of energy management. That’s why we’ve invested a great deal of resources in our ability to provide a well-oiled package consisting of our Frame system and EnerKey’s energy data management system. We’ve also invested in our customer experience by providing an integration solution for the systems.”

“Cooperation is the best way to solve the challenges arising from complex customer requirements. I think the most important quality of a good provider is a customer-oriented approach – that they genuinely think about the customer’s overall requirements and seek the best possible solution. Sometimes this means that, in addition to your own solution, you have to find a good partner to complement your services. And at other times it means that, instead of using your own solution, you must suggest partially or even wholly replacing it with a more suitable alternative.” says Ossi Talvitie, CEO of Fatman Oy.

Together, we provide property owners and users with the most comprehensive IT package available

The energy efficiency, environmental efficiency and cost-effectiveness of properties is improving thanks to technological advancements. We are now able to gather more accurate and diverse data to support property management. The requirements for data management are also increasing. We must be able to examine automated processes and continually growing volumes of data with specialised tools.

EnerKey provides tools for both energy management and the effective management of processes that use energy consumption data. This package is complemented by Fatman Frame software for contract management and property ERP. Together, these two solutions provide a comprehensive IT package for property owners and users.

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