Buildercom and EnerKey have a long history of working together, and their cooperation is a prime example of how to serve demanding property management customers, particularly in the municipal sector. Here are some examples from the cities of Jyväskylä and Lahti.

Interoperability and integration between property management systems are essential

Improving a property’s operational and energy efficiency requires first-class IT support and a team of experts. Buildercom and EnerKey can provide both, and in a complementary fashion. By collaborating on their solutions, they can provide property users with the best systems on the market – the kind that will meet business requirements both now and in the future.

Property management IT systems do not live in a vacuum – interoperability and integration are essential.

In addition to maintenance logs, Buildercom’s BEM services provide solid support for construction investments and property lifecycle management. By combining the EnerKey energy data management system with our expert services, property users will get the most comprehensive set of energy-efficiency services available on the market.

Our customers can be certain of receiving both compatible tried-and-tested solutions and expert knowledge that will help them to raise the efficiency of their property management to new levels.

Buildercom Oy

Established in 2000, Buildercom is a growing company that provides technology and expert services throughout Finland from its offices in Jyväskylä and Vantaa. Buildercom provides property owners with sustainable data management services for the built environment as a SaaS service. Buildercom’s expertise in construction data management expertise dates back to 1981, and the company is currently a Finnish market leader in its target group. Buildercom employs 34 experts and the company’s revenue is in the range of EUR 4 million. Buildercom’s customers include over 400 property owners and developers, both in the private and public sectors. With the aid of our services, our customers will achieve significant cost savings in both construction projects and property management.

"Student Housing Foundation KOAS in Central Finland during the last year achieved EUR 500 000 in deferred savings in its energy consumption."

Satu Varstala, building engineer, KOAS Read the full success story >

"We wanted a partner that is absolutely impartial."

Stefan Stortz, Account Director, YH Kodit Read the full success story >

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