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Use Buildercom’s electronic BEM maintenance log system in EnerKey without a separate login. A property maintenance information service and an energy management system in one package.

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Together, EnerKey and Caverion provide property owners with the most comprehensive selection of energy-efficiency services available.

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EnerKey provides tools for energy data management, while Fatman Frame software completes the package with tools for contract management and property ERP.

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Combine the data generated by solar energy systems with tools for energy management. Solar energy pioneer Naps Solar is EnerKey’s only solar energy partner.

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EnerKey is a market-leading expert in energy management and energy efficiency.

EnerKey generates permanent savings on energy costs, and we help our customers to comply with the Energy Efficiency Act and meet properties’ increasingly strict energy-efficiency requirements. More than 300 organisations and companies use the EnerKey energy data management system.

We are currently seeking new partners to join the EnerKey team, to help us meet increasing demand for our services. As a future EnerKey partner, you will have the opportunity to help your customers operate sustainably and save energy.

We choose our partners on the basis of our values, and value long-term partnerships.

Different types of cooperation

Thanks to the integrated solutions that we provide with our partners, we can be of greater benefit to customers who are interested in sustainability and saving energy.

What does cooperation include?

In order to promote energy expertise, we offer our partners the full support of EnerKey’s experts. If you are interested in working with us, please use the form to send us some information about your company.

How can you save your energy?

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