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Ecosystems beat pipeline. Regardless of industry, cross-domain networks are winning the market, BIG time. Energy sector will be no exception. These strategic moves are often driven by regulative, customer value co-creations and need for speed. At the core of every ecosystem lies ability to merge data across and turn it into insights, intelligent cooperation and shared plans.

Unfortunately, this interchangeable data sits in silo-es and can be poorly utilized. We saw a need for cross domain data fusion.

With EnerKey´s Ecosystem, we bring the impact from energy management to sustainability and beyond, all backed up with real data.

We work closely together with our technology and service providing Ecosystem partners. For our Ecosystem partners, we enable business growth and a marketplace for joint offerings. For the end-customers benefit, our Ecosystem partners bring the impact in services and technologies beyond EnerKey.


Smartvatten, a leading player in water metering, and EnerKey, the market leader in sustainability and energy management, have entered into a partnership aimed at providing even more comprehensive water metering, energy management and sustainability services to end users of both companies’ SaaS services.

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Access to energy data solution providers

EnerKey Ecosystem gives you access to energy data solution providers including:

  • Solar PV
  • EV charging
  • Demand response
  • Peak shaving
  • 3rd party measurement solutions

Indoor air quality management

EnerKey and the indoor air quality expert IISY have started a collaboration that makes it possible to combine the property’s energy consumption data with indoor air quality in a unique way.

As a result, we will achieve responsible and energy-efficient property management and, of course, higher quality indoor air for property users.

EnerKey Ecosystem

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Helen Oy

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