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We wanted a partner that is absolutely impartial.

EnerKey, the leading Nordic energy management expert organization, and YH Kodit OY, which offers high-quality rental homes, homes with the right of occupancy and home ownership, have agreed to cooperate in terms of energy management services. The results will be sought by systematic consumption monitoring and remote management.

It all began in 2014 when the YH Kodit noticed a clear energy saving potential in their properties. As a result, energy management pilot was initiated, which now is becoming concrete in co-operation with EnerKey. The collaboration means that EnerKey will be responsible for consumption monitoring, as well as remote management of the technical building systems of the properties of YH Kodit. With the cooperation, YH Kodit is pursuing long-term energy management with the help of an independent expert.

“We want to use our properties in a smarter way, however, without compromising on living comfort. The aim is to reduce our carbon footprint by way of optimized use of energy. We see a substantial savings potential,” says the Account Director of YH Kodit Stefan Stortz.

During autumn, 2015, EnerKey carried out the target mapping in the properties of YH Kodit. The targets will become part of the remote control and EnerKey reporting system, after which EnerKey will follow the energy consumption of the targets in a comprehensive manner and in real time. The aim is to optimize the conditions, reduce energy consumption and bring about cost savings.

“The EnerKey reporting service allows us to collect consumption data in an automated manner into one place. With the help of remote management and EnerKey services, we can monitor, control and maintain the energy consumption and the operation of the building technology of YH Kodit around the clock. The end result are euro-denominated savings,” says Pasi Nevalainen from EnerKey. YH Kodit also has an alarm service at their disposal, which enables a quick response by EnerKey in case of consumption changes taking place in the measurement and in case of disruptions observed in the building technology.

YH Kodit and EnerKey have worked together for several years in respect of electricity procurement and tendering.

“The previous successful collaboration flew flags on behalf of the partnership with EnerKey. We wanted a partner that is absolutely impartial. EnerKey is a clear expert body that provides objective information and services for the smarter purchase and use of energy,” Stortz continued.

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