The conglomerate, Wihuri wants to promote energy efficiency. Attaining its goals accelerates the linking of the expertise of EnerKey to their staff’s thinking of energy use every day.

EnerKey helps Wihuri to rationalize their energy use, particularly in places where electricity is used a lot. According to Wihuri Group’s real estate manager Timo Numminen, the company’s total energy consumption in Finland is 90 GWh. Electricity use forms the majority of the consumption at 72 percent.

The company operates in dozens of locations in Finland, in four domains. These are a technical trade, the packaging industry, aeronautics and the grocery trade.
Wihuri has joined the voluntary energy efficiency agreement of large enterprises, which are central to the implementation of the EPBD obligations of the EU in Finland. The New energy efficiency agreement period covers the years 2017-2025.

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