Working in good spirits

I am mindful of our environment on my daily life and to choose thigs that are good for the environment. For example, I prefer plant-based options in my dietary choices and consider the origin and the life-cycle stages of the food product as well. Ever since I started working at EnerKey I noticed starting to strive to minimize the unnecessary energy consumption. It’s important to me that my company carries out the same values as myself. That is when I can truly be working in good spirits.

I have lived in Jyväskylä all my life. The last autumn I ended up moving to Vaasa to study economics. I got interested in the idea to study economics through my family friends in the beginning of junior high school. I dream of having vast opportunities in my studies as well as in working life. The first year’s intro level courses have been a base for my second years specializations, my main interest is now marketing.

I ended up working as a summer help in EnerKey through a friend’s recommendation. I sent an e-mail application and eventually found out that I got chosen as a HelpDesk Summer Intern. Until now, I have been involved mostly in project-related work in the revised cost reporting EnerKey, as well as the creation of user accounts.

During the summer, I will do more regular work, for example on invoicing. I like it that tasks are varied. During the summer internship, I hope to be able to follow the everyday life of a large organization and learn about the organizational structure and the company’s operations in practice.


Values are created together

I was glad to hear that at EnerKey the values have been created together as a company. When the values have been created together, everyone is involved, are more receivable and dedicated in following them.

To fellow economics students I would like to say that when applying for work you will need to do some detective work to find the right workplace for you. Connect, use your connections and be brave to ask advices. Be open to applying for companies, even if they are not openly recruiting.

Not getting the reply you were hoping for the first time around just means to keep on going and the right opportunity will come!