Understanding energy production helps to realize energy consumption

In the future energy production will face some huge challenges. The emissions need to be reduced, energy efficiency will become more important – in addition, all the resources need to be used sustainably and the energy must to be produced efficiently.

This spring, I graduated from Lappeenranta University of Technology as a Master of Energy Technology. I started working as an Energy Specialist Trainee at EnerKey in the May of 2019.

During my master’s studies, I focused on power plant technology which is at the core of the energy technology studies in Lappeenranta. As a minor I studied environmental technology and production economy.

In my major studies, megawatt hours and euros were crunched in the same way as they are here in EnerKey. Energy production and energy consumption are very closely related. Understanding how energy is produced makes it easier to comprehend energy consumption.

Energy industry in a sense is saving the world through reducing the amount of emissions. In addition to that, financial savings are an important part of the energy efficiency measures.

As an Energy Specialist Trainee, I have done a variety of project tasks and through them got a closer look on how companies manage their energy. Additionally, I have worked with large companies’ legal energy auditing. The audit analyzes the energy consumption of different properties and report on any deviations (for example if there are some major changes in consumption).


Digitalization and information technology

EnerKey as a company caught my eye when I was browsing through workplaces. EnerKey is a modern company with solid values and ambitious goals. As a software company, they utilize digitalization and information technology in an innovative way in implementing sustainability and energy management. I find EnerKey as a good starting point for my career – here I learn something new every day.

I would like to encourage my student peers to keep all doors open. I recommend applying for a job if it is something that seems interesting. Keep your eyes open and look around.

Jyväskylä is such a fine city and I am very much looking forward for the summer. So far, I have spent all my summers by the sea, so I am hoping to experience much warmer summer here in the inland. Also, trying out wakeboarding and water skiing by the lake is something to look for.