Three reasons for a maintenance company to invest in energy efficiency

Maintenance companies can play a surprisingly important role in customers’ energy management. Investment in personnel’s skills and cooperation with energy professionals is beneficial for all parties involved, especially for shared customer companies. Read VP Jukka Akselin’s tips for good cooperation.

1. Good energy skills lead to the right solutions

“Maintenance personal often work intensively in the field in acute situations. Our task is to train personnel and ensure that their energy skills are at the best possible level. It’s important for maintenance personnel to understand the practical impact of what can appear to be very minor changes or adjustments on the customer’s energy consumption, and ultimately, on their energy bill. For example, a single individual’s wish to increase the indoor temperature can have an effect on the temperature throughout the property and significantly increase heating costs. Being able to see the bigger picture is added value that we can provide for the maintenance company.”

2. Energy reporting makes results concrete

“A precise, hourly energy reporting service, such as Enegia’s EnerKey, is an excellent way to monitor the impact of procedures. The effects can be seen quickly and clearly. The alert system identifies any possible problem areas immediately and then informs maintenance personnel. EnerKey generates a customised report with information that is relevant to you, which makes it especially nice to use.”

3. Manage multiple entities using property automation remote management

“The remote management of property automation increases maintenance personnel’s opportunities to optimise a customer’s energy use. We can provide maintenance companies with instructions as to how to adjust different devices in order to save the greatest possible amount of energy – without compromising conditions. The optimisation of energy management is not as simple as could be imagined: nowadays devices are complex and managing separate entities as a single unit requires good skills and understanding. Often very fine adjustments are required to optimise the customer’s consumption to precisely the right level to generate savings. We have both the resources and the skills to do this.”