Tampereen Sähkölaitos and EnerKey to cooperate on the development of energy management services

Tampereen Sähkölaitos and EnerKey have entered into an agreement to pilot energy management services for the corporate customers of Tampereen Sähkölaitos. The Powered by EnerKey platform solution enables the provision of the Nordic region’s leading intelligent sustainability and energy management services for the use of the corporate customers of Tampereen Sähkölaitos on a fast schedule.

Tampereen Sähkölaitos is constantly striving for more energy-efficient solutions both in its own operations and in customers’ energy choices. Climate change mitigation plans include the introduction of new technologies, new products and energy saving measures.

“We want to help our customers manage their energy solutions in a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way. Energy management tools such as Powered by EnerKey play a key role in this, so that customers are informed about their energy consumption and can reduce their carbon footprint. This pilot project gives us valuable information about our customers’ needs, on the basis of which we can develop the best energy reporting solution in cooperation with our customers, such as Tampereen Tilapalvelut Oy,” says Suvi Kyllönen, Product Manager at Tampereen Sähkölaitos.

For Tampereen Sähkölaitos, sustainability means concrete actions

Tampereen Sähkölaitos feels and takes responsibility for both today’s actions and tomorrow’s solutions and thus promotes sustainable well-being for all stakeholders. Climate change mitigation will have a significant impact on the planning of future energy solutions and future investments.

Tampereen Sähkölaitos has also joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement together with hundreds of other Finnish companies for the 2017–2025 period. In practice, this means that energy efficiency activities are planned, an energy management system is being utilised and measures are reported annually.

EnerKey’s sustainability and energy management system is certified to meet the quality standards of both energy management (ISO 50001) and environmental management systems (ISO 14001).

Sustainable use of energy and reduced environmental impact

In addition to sustainable energy consumption, EnerKey aims to help its partners and their customers reduce their environmental impact. This includes monitoring and reducing emissions, waste and the consumption of transport fuel. High-quality indoor air is also of great importance to the users of buildings.

“We give our partners and customers concrete tools to demonstrate the impact of sustainable operations. The measures taken through systematic monitoring, reporting and analysis are directly reflected in reduced energy consumption, emissions, waste and better indoor air,” commented Jaakko Huhta, Vice President of EnerKey.


For more information:

Tampereen Sähkölaitos, Suvi Kyllönen, tel. +358 40 547 6563, suvi.kyllonen@sahkolaitos.fi

EnerKey Oy, Jaakko Huhta, puh. +358 400 292 257, jaakko.huhta@enerkey.com



Tampereen Sähkölaitos

Tampereen Sähkölaitos is a modern energy group that produces renewable Finnish energy and actively develops energy solutions for the future. We reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more jobs in the Pirkanmaa region. In 2019, the group’s net sales were EUR 288 million and the group employed almost 400 experts.

www.sahkolaitos.fi, www.lahisahko.fi


EnerKey Sustainability & Energy Management System (SEMS) is the Nordic region’s leading cloud-based SaaS solution for managing energy data and processes. It holds ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certification. The sustainability features include emissions reporting, waste reporting, traffic fuel monitoring and indoor air quality.

EnerKey SEMS is used by more than 1,000 of our customers. EnerKey manages consumption data generated by more than 100,000 measurement points across 15,000 properties. EnerKey can also be branded with your organisation’s own logo and visual appearance for your customers’ use as a white label platform solution – Powered by EnerKey.

www.enerkey.com –  poweredby.enerkey.com