Sustainability as a part of modern business

As a topic sustainability in business appears ever more relevant in a part of the modern-day business practices. In the previous decades global economic growth has been in direct correlation with unsustainable and downright harmful effects to the environment, but luckily the modern generation is demanding the businesses to be more sustainable. 

Indeed, the laws regarding sustainable businesses leave room for improvement, but in the future the situation can be much different. When the laws do change, the businesses that are already conducting their ways in the sustainable manner will be at the forefront.

Along with digitalization, sustainability and the profitability of the business go hand in hand. Optimizing the business utilizing smart solutions creates savings, that already support the profitability as such. Digitalization disrupts the ways of doing business by saving the resources and by recognizing the new possibilities of where resources can be saved furthermore.

Personally, I can say that truthful sustainable values in the way of doing business matter a lot to me. In today’s world green washing is becoming more in common, meaning that businesses market their products and services as more sustainable that they are. Therefore, it is important that the businesses can prove their claims of being sustainable in metrics that are factual and simply put.

What comes to my own purchase behavior as a private person, I cannot claim to be aiming for perfection every time. The simple reason for such, is that it is hard to trace back the whole supply chain of the product or service to ensure that they follow the green guidelines all the way. Nevertheless, an environmentally sound and transparent business provides an incentive for its customers to purchase, therefore creating competitiveness and goodwill towards the brand image in long-term.

We all have the possibility of influencing the way of how the modern business is being done.

The writer is a Bachelor student studying International Business and working now as a Marketing and Communications Intern at EnerKey.