Sunny and energetic days ahead

I am powered by the sun. Luckily, spring is in the air. Days are getting longer, and nature is awakening from its winter hibernation. The energising effect of the sun is evident in nature as well as in people. Energy levels rise day by day.

The sun also plays an increasingly larger role when we consider future energy investments. More and more organisations are including renewable energy forms as part of their energy strategy. Solar energy is an obvious option to consider.

Solar energy is no longer just a hobby of a few enthusiasts devoted to protecting the environment. Instead, solar energy has become an important alternative for reducing the costs and the environmental impacts of energy production. As the price of solar energy has declined, it has become a competitive energy supply option for many types of organisations.

All investments, including those in solar energy, have to be considered for their benefits. When evaluating these benefits and verifying the outcome of such investments, factual data as well as competence based on experience is needed. EnerKey customers increasingly ask for both of these.

The EnerKey energy management system provides factual data for identifying investment opportunities and for monitoring the actual benefits of investments. EnerKey is a useful tool for the management of all energy projects, just as EnerKey’s energy experts are of great help in planning and implementing projects.

Supported by energy data and experts, EnerKey customers can enjoy the summer rays confident that their solar energy investments have been properly scaled and planned.

During the spring, EnerKey will discuss the solar energy theme in a series of writings on related questions. Alongside this blog, we will publish an EnerKey guide on the significance of data analysis when evaluating investments in renewable energy production and solar energy.

I wish you a sunny and energetic spring! Terhi Harjulehto