Solar power pioneer Naps Solar and leading energy consultant Enegia agreed on co-operation

The Finnish Energy Efficiency Act sets companies decrees that require energy expertise. At the same time, the importance of energy is growing, energy efficiency is continuously improving, the energy systems are becoming more diversified and, as climate awareness increases, responsible energy consumption is becoming a necessity for companies.

Expert support is increasingly sought for the management of energy procurement and consumption and for making the right choices for the company regarding energy. Naps Solar Systems Oy and Enegia Group Oy agreed on partnership in combining local solar power production with Enegia’s EnerKey system to assist customers.

Due to the ongoing strong change within energy sector, the enterprise energy management has become more complex than ever before, coupled not only with economic factors, but also with accountability and sustainability.

Companies need deeper energy expertise than ever before. To support companies, leading Nordic experts combined their decades of expertise: solar power pioneer Naps Solar and Enegia, the market leader in energy information management systems, agreed on a partnership that combines the information produced by Naps’ photovoltaic systems with Enegia’s EnerKey system.

The EnerKey system brings together hundreds of organizations’ and thousands sites’ energy consumption information by energy source. Detailed energy information enables making fact-based energy decisions that are both cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

“In developing energy management, high quality and up-to-date information is the starting point for change. People make decisions. Only committed and well informed personnel can implement a change in the energy cost, resource efficiency and environmental friendliness equation. The right equation is a more complexed issue. It will be decided on a case-by-case basis. This is why we want to offer more support “, says Enegia’s CEO Kalle Ahlstedt, of the partnership strategy chosen by the company.

Naps Solar is the only solar photovoltaic partner for Enegia. Enegia only establishes expert partnerships with long-term trusted experts. Naps has delivered more than 250,000 photovoltaic systems for almost 40 years of operation. The photovoltaic systems have been installed in more than 140 countries with different off-grid and grid solutions.

“Enegia is the leading expert in energy management in Finland and the EnerKey system is the market leader and the most reliable source of energy information for companies. We are convinced of the customer benefits of integrating of Naps’ photovoltaic systems and EnerKey technology. With EnerKey, the benefits of a high-quality photovoltaic system are reflected in tangible figures and solar power systems can be even further beneficial”, says Jussi Ojanen, CEO of Naps.

For more information:
Naps Solar Systems Oy:
Managing Director Jussi Ojanen, or +358 50 453 6801

Enegia Group Oy
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