Sodankylä: investing genuinely in energy efficiency

The EU requires public sector actors to take the lead in developing energy efficiency. Energy is an important cost factor in municipal premises, street lighting and in municipal technical operations, to which constant attention must be paid.

Sodankylä is in the province of Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. It is easy to forget that conditions in the north have a significant impact on energy use.

-When the temperatures drop down to minus 30-40 Celsius degrees for a longer period, it has a significant effect on the energy consumption. The heating can take up surprisingly high amount of energy, says Matias Yliriesto the Technical Manager of Sodankylä.

The energy working group plans and monitors

In Sodankylä has noted that clear goals, careful planning, and active surveillance of consumption set up a good structure. In an annual level Sodankylä’s energy consumption is approximately 36BWh, this means more than EUR 2.7 million in costs for residents.

The desired saving of 7.5% would reduce costs by approximately 195,000€ per year. In Sodankylä, continuous and determined improvement has been sought with the help of an energy working group, in which officials from various branches of government and municipal group companies are represented. EnerKey, which specializes in energy saving, brings outside vision and sparring to the team.

– Our energy working group has a good, extensive composition from different group companies, so we can comprehensively monitor and evaluate measures for saving energy. EnerKey has an important role to play as a leader and advisor in this, says Yliriesto.

In an enthusiastic and active working group, each member is responsible for drawing up and implementing an energy efficiency action plan for their own administrations’. Also, ideating together with other members new possibilities for saving measures throughout the target period.

EnerKey -energiajohtamisjärjestelmä
With the EnerKey energy management system, Sodankylä can easily monitor energy consumption and address anomalies.

Monitoring energy consumption is the basis of energy use

Sodankylä has an EnerKey energy management system in place for comprehensive energy reporting and energy management. With the help of EnerKey, Sodankylä can catch anomalies and equipment failures at an early stage. This enables to quickly identify situations and assess the possibilities and financial options of the savings measures.

– When information is centralized in one place, it is easy to track consumption and address anomalies. Such way of monitoring energy consumption is the modern way of implementing energy management. Nowadays, coping without would be hard and almost unimaginable.

The effects of measures taken can be verified with the help of EnerKey. EnerKey’s experts assist the municipality of Sodankylä to utilize EnerKey SaaS system as efficiently as possible and conducts consumption analysis in a regular basis.

Without EnerKey’s expert services we wouldn’t certainly be as invested in energy issues as we are now. Regular monitoring, contacts, and meetings with EnerKey’s experts provide a solid foundation for our entire energy economy”, states Yliriesto.

The world’s northernmost golden LEED-environmental certification project is on its way

Public procurement has a significant impact on the life-cycle energy consumption of products and services. The municipality of Sodankylä is planning a wellness center with the world’s northernmost golden LEED-environmental certificate.

To be certified, a wellness center must meet certain minimum requirements, including the sustainability of the building location and the consumption of energy, water, and materials throughout its life cycle.

According to life cycle thinking model, this would be Finland’s first wellness center that meets the requirements.

– We started by making a wholesome building in all respects. LEED came along because we wanted to take these environmental issues into account. Energy also plays a big role in life cycle thinking.