Saving our environment

We all are responsible for the environment. Both businesses and individuals should strive to control and cut back on the burden we have on the environment.

For customers and stakeholders, it is important to know how a company is mindful of the environment. Promoting sustainable development is achieved through complying legislations, reducing emissions, and operating in the most sustainable way possible. Natural resources are to be used so, that future generations can enjoy them too.

Sustainability is a competitive advantage for the company

Every company has an obligation to comply with the environmental legislation, permit conditions and other regulations. Including also taking the responsibility for the environmental impact of its operations. The manner a company promotes accountability of their operation’s environmental impacts and communicates it can provide a significant competitive advantage.

It’s worth taking a proactive approach to the environmental issues. Sustainability is best carried out, when a company voluntarily commits itself to strengthening sustainable operations as part of the development of its operations.

The operations should be voluntary and informal, so that the company can consider the sustainability issues that are relevant to its own business and stakeholders.

Environmental responsibility can be carried out for example in the efficient use of energy and materials, reducing waste, combating climate change, and providing customers with environmentally friendly solutions.

Controlling CO2-emissions trough reporting

A sustainable company is mindful and reports on the environmental impacts of its operations. The new site-specific CO2-emissions reporting management system by EnerKey automates reporting, reducing or all together eliminating the need for manual reporting.

The systematic reduction of emissions requires determination of the current state. EnerKey consumption reporting helps you understand where the emissions occur and what can be done to reduce them. Ecological and economic efficiencies don’t need to be separated, as they support each other. When developing processes to be more efficient, it saves both money and the environment.

With the help of the reliable data produced by EnerKey, the coverage of reporting improves and emissions and consumption are shown as a part of the bigger picture. EnerKey can also be used to perform checks on the accuracy of reporting and  on the information, as well as to verify the energy investments made.

At EnerKey, we save your energy, but our environment we can save together!