Our way of life impacts the environment

Sustainability, environmental values, and impacts on the climate – they all are now visible on most products and services, from oat milk cartons to garbage trucks. Our environmental knowledge has been significantly increasing during past years. It will only continue to do so when the younger generations enter the working life. More people want to know the origin of the purchased product and the environmental impacts within.

Before my studies I didn’t feel any deeper connection with energy management. During my studies, the comprehension of the environmental impacts we are making became clear to me. This realization raised my interest towards energy consumption and its management.

Nowadays, I have noticed my daily decisions to be based on what kinds of environmental impacts they entail. Good continuation is that I am privileged to work in a company, where such environmental impacts are being measured and analyzed through data -proven metrics. I am intrigued by the idea of energy management, so naturally I EnerKey as a company became of interest and I wanted to join in for the team.


EnerKey takes the effort out of energy management

What remains is easy to read, transparent data. I work at EnerKey’s metering team in maintenance and installations. I am responsible for the reliability of meter readings and integrating new properties and meters into the system. EnerKey SaaS recognizes several dozens different technologies and forms of data transforming them into transparent and clear data.

In the field of multiple interfaces, versatile work and the development of a new system, the summer has brought many new challenges in my work. I can comfortably say that I have evolved in proactivity and prioritization. Overall a great experience being a part of the metering team at EnerKey!

In addition to electricity and heating, EnerKey also helps to measure other types of consumptions. This is important particularly when we want to comprehend the overall environmental impacts. As the saying goes “If you can measure it, you can manage it”. Once energy use is measured, consumption can be reduced in a controlled manner.

I am puzzled with the idea of what kinds of effects our acts and behavior have towards the environment. I often think about what the future generations will think of us if we don’t give our best effort to minimize the climate change.
After all, the means to do so already exist.

Juuso Mattila is a Bachelor of Energy Technology graduated from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences in 2019. Mattila started working at EnerKey in May of 2019.