Our CO2 Commitment

We at EnerKey help our customers to achieve real, data-proven sustainability. Not just those vague sustainability goals, that seem to be achieved by a suitable wording in marketing communications or in the yearly CSR-report. 

EnerKey´s customers can achieve exact data-proven sustainability results and prove their organization´s environmental footprint based on real-life energy consumption, emissions and waste data. As a cloud native SaaS business, by default our operations are environmentally sustainable. In addition we have committed to take actions to drive our carbon footprint to the minimum.​ When developing our operations, we always put both ours and our customers´ sustainability in the focus.

We are not just sustainable: we live sustainable, we breathe sustainable.​


We at EnerKey commit to be carbon neutral by 2025. ​


While working towards our goal, we will also do everything to help our customers to achieve carbon neutrality. And we will continue to do so, organization after another.  We will not stop until we have our common global climate secured for a sustainable future, together.