New EnerKey is a pioneer in energy management

The energy reporting service, EnerKey, developed by Enegia has been renewed. The company has developed the service based on more from reporting in the direction of energy management. Thanks to the new features, the monitoring, and managing of energy consumption become clearer. At the same time, utilization of the measurement data and analysis becomes more efficient.

Enegia has released a revised EnerKey energy reporting service. With the reform, the company wants to bring out more clearly the effectiveness and management of energy use to the user.

The new EnerKey service has features that allow for following the use of energy more closely. The service automatically compiles for the user an overall view of energy consumption, deviations, and measures. In addition, the service includes features for monitoring of costs and budgeting, as well as sustainability reporting, which contribute to energy use monitoring and to energy management

– The renewed EnerKey contributes to the creation of a clear overall picture of energy consumption and the costs incurred. The user can keep track of how their energy has been consumed and retrieve a report, for example, on a weekly basis. Experts in the energy sector can benefit from new features to carry out analysis when the measurement data can be made the most of, says Enegia ICT and Digitalisation Manager Katri Honkonen.

Analytics and machine learning to enhance customers’ business

Enegia will strongly continue development of the service during this year. The new features and modern user interface allow information retrieval techniques to be efficient. The service will also be developed in the future with regard to analytics and machine learning, which will give a boost to customers’ business.

“On the Background of EnerKey, there is a long history, and we have a huge amount of measured data in our information systems so that comparative analysis between different types of structures is complete. With the reform, EnerKey will become a comprehensive energy management tool. The service is carried out in accordance with the ISO 50001 certification”, Honkonen says.

Enegia will publish new features for the service during this year. The first of them will be introduced in January when the consumption projections are added to the service.

Additional Information:
Katri Honkonen, Vice President, ICT and Digitalisation, Enegia Group Oy,, +358 50 384 3772