Thoughts on energy efficiency and sustainability

As a communications student, I get often asked what I will became professionally after the graduation. The question is tricky, and I have developed a standard answer to it during my four years of studying: “I can become practically anything!”.

During this summer I received a great opportunity to test and develop my communicational abilities as a Communications Trainee at EnerKey. It’s great that my studies include an internship where you can get to know the work of communication in practice.

Jyväskylä, and its surroundings are a whole new environment for me but working on energy matters is only a whole new world. However, I accept the challenge with joy and enthusiasm. I am looking for diverse work assignments in both communication and marketing.

When I visited the company’s website, I was particularly interested in EnerKey’s sustainable acts and their leadership in sustainable development. EnerKey is combating climate change and saving the environment.

Jussi Kaasalainen opens the issue well in his blog: “Every company has an obligation to comply with environmental legislation, permit conditions and other regulations concerning operations. Take responsibility for the environmental impact of its operations. Everything else a company does to promote sustainability and how it communicates such can provide a significant competitive advantage over others.”

Climate change and environmental issues are strongly involved in the social debate and affect us all. That is, in addition to the fact that sustainability is a value that can also be a true competitive advantage.

In EnerKey’s values: sustainability, customer orientation, reliability and profitability can be seen in the entire company’s operations. Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. Solutions are offered by listening to the customer and creating trust. In addition to Kaasalainen’s blog post, I recommend that you also read EnerKey’s other current content on sustainability and energy management.

I look forward to what summer in EnerKey and the city of Jyväskylä will bring. Every time I cycle to work in the mornings, I admire the beautiful landscape of the Lake Jyväsjärvi and enjoy the pace as I tread the downhill of the shoreline towards the office.

Returning from work is another matter. Although Finland’s “landscape” is generally said to be very flat, Jyväskylä is not – there are hills, Laajavuori and of course Harju. So, in addition to the lessons I learned from traineeship, I also look forward to improving my fitness after the summer.

So, let’s just all hop on a bike – it’s also one way of saving energy and the environment too!