Loiste is looking for companies to pilot EnerKey’s sustainability and energy management services

Loiste and EnerKey have started a partnership aimed at helping companies to save energy and reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of their business operations.

-Through partnerships, we gain strong special expertise. Clear policies, accountability and transparency lead to effective and reliable cooperation. As an energy company, we want to meet the expectations that our customers have regarding energy efficiency and environmental issues. Energy management is one step towards a carbon-neutral company, says Jani Pääkkönen, Loiste’s Sales Director.

Loiste helps companies towards carbon neutrality

Loiste’s goal is to build a cleaner future together with its corporate customers. The products and services offered help companies to promote their sustainability and environmental friendliness down to carbon neutrality. Cooperation with EnerKey will add concrete tools for reducing and monitoring energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

Powered by EnerKey enables Loiste to offer its end-customers modern energy management tools with a flexible, service-based model. The challenge for companies is often that all energy and water consumption data and emissions-related information is scattered in many different systems. This complicates the analysis work and decision making. With the Powered by EnerKey platform, the end-customer gets an understandable, easy-to-use overview of their own energy consumption and the associated savings potential.

Sustainability and sustainable development are at the heart of the business for both Loiste and EnerKey and serve as a starting point for the development of future services. Based on a survey conducted by Loiste in the spring of 2019, Finns take climate change seriously. According to the survey, that was conducted especially from the perspective of the energy sector, 76 % of Finns consider climate change to be a serious threat. Sustainability and carbon neutrality are nowadays often already part of a company’s business strategy, as they carry a strong weight in the image of the company among customers and stakeholders.

– We want to help companies operate resource-wisely and reduce the environmental impact of their business. In cooperation with Loiste, we are able to offer to Loiste’s corporate customers the most advanced digital services for sustainability and energy management. Only by working together can we tackle the climate change, says Jaakko Huhta, Vice President of EnerKey.

Loiste is now looking for pilot sites – is your company interested in making savings through energy management and at the same time reducing its carbon footprint? Get in touch and get involved in developing something new!


More information:

Loiste, Jani Pääkkönen tel. +358 50 477 1990, jani.paakkonen@loiste.fi

EnerKey, Jaakko Huhta tel. +358 400 292 257, jaakko.huhta@enerkey.com




Loiste Sähkönmyynti Oy is a nationwide, Finnish energy company. Loiste wants to make the daily lives of its 200,000 customers easier by developing new services and functional solutions. Loiste aims for future growth together with its partners so that people and companies can be more environmentally friendly. Loiste’s versatile solutions and expertise help the customer on their way to a carbon-neutral company.




EnerKey Sustainability & Energy Management System (SEMS) is the Nordic region’s leading cloud-native SaaS solution for managing energy data and processes. It holds ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certification. The sustainability features include emissions reporting, waste reporting, traffic fuel monitoring and indoor air quality. EnerKey´s built-in intelligence feature, INES, automatically finds energy and emissions saving potentials from property consumption data.

EnerKey SEMS is used by more than 1,000 of our customers. EnerKey manages consumption data generated by more than 100,000 measurement points across 15,000 properties. EnerKey can also be branded with your organisation’s own logo and visual appearance for your customers’ use as a  white label platform solution – Powered by EnerKey.


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