KOAS investments in energy management are yielding results – last year’s savings were 500 000

Student Housing Foundation KOAS in Central Finland during the last year achieved EUR 500 000 in deferred savings in its energy consumption. In the background is the long term work on energy management.

“Energy savings is an entity in respect of which we strive to make improvements all the time. It can be about the smallest of things, but it is continuous. The overall background is the measurement. It is difficult to save, if you do not know what’s going on.” emphasizes the building engineer of KOAS, Satu Varstala.

KOAS and Enegia started cooperation in 2005 when the properties of KOAS were incorporated into the consumption reporting service of Enegia. Now the energy consumption of every 70 real estate projects of KOAS is continuously measured with the help of the EnerKey system. This allows the energy management of the entity and provides comprehensive reports on consumption.

“KOAS can now keep track of the property operating costs from a single centralized location. They receive hourly metering data for electricity, heat and water. This supports the customers in their savings goals,” says account manager Kati Mauno from Enegia.

Your will know only by measuring

EnerKey portal and KOAS property control room form an entity which has delivered high results. Property control room monitors energy consumption via the portal by sub-area and makes the necessary adjustments based on the information.

“Monitoring is key to saving energy. When we know what happens in the targets, energy saving is possible,” continues Varstala. “We see the effects of the measurements in real time, and we recognize any high energy consumption as soon as the rise in energy consumption in one place causes an alarm.”

In 2007, the cooperation was expanded, when the electricity supply service was added, according to which the price of electricity is already projected for subsequent years. Possible changes in price are known in advance, and Enegia provides objective information on how the price will develop.

“The cooperation means that KOAS has constant access to reference data in terms of energy. When the electricity procurement is done on the right principles, and up-to-date information, the outcome will be the best”, reminisces Mauno from Enegia.

“We have obtained good results in the long term. Cooperation with Enegia has gone well. Help has been available whenever it is needed”, says Varstala.

The good performance of energy costs is the sum of many factors. In addition to consumption reporting and electricity supplies, KOAS makes continuous improvements and cost containment measures in its property.

“We have taken technical measures and attempted to conserve energy together with the residents,” says Varstala. “On the technical side, we have refurbished equipment, adjusted the water pressure and addressed leakages in a timely manner. For the residents have been arranged energy-saving competitions, and they have been informed, instructed and told of the ecological effects of energy savings.”

KOAS is a charitable foundation that builds, maintains and rents apartments for students in Jyväskylä, Finland. Tthe 70 residential houses of KOAS have a total population of about 4 165 students.