Kesko bears responsibility for the environment – energy efficiency helps save millions

The fact that Kesko has been elected to be one of the world’s most responsible company’s shows its responsibility also on energy issues. Long co-operation with energy management expert Enegia has brought along a 5 million Euro annual savings.

“We have long been interested in the energy efficiency of our properties. We know that it is easier to save in the matters that can be measured,” Kesko’s building services manager Jari Suuronen says.

Cooperation between Enegia and Kesko began as early as in the 1990s with measurement systems development work. Currently, Enegia implements for Kesko the energy use and measurement entity which includes metering, consumption reporting, and billing services. Kesko’s annual energy savings are approximately EUR 5 million.

“This is the result of precise metering and monitoring systems. On a yearly basis, we save an enormous amount,” says Suuronen happily.

“Kesko has an extensive maintenance network, and Enegia provides them with a tool for the effective performance of energy efficiency management. We are able to serve Kesko on both grassroots and management levels,” continues Account Director Juha Liikanen from Enegia.

“We receive from Enegia the expertise, which makes no sense to develop ourselves. We currently use the best experts and their specialized expertise. We can be confident that our properties are managed in an energy-efficient way,” says Suuronen.

Fast payback period

Enegia collects the data on Kesko’s energy consumption on the total measurement level and breaks it down to the necessary parts. Consumer Reporting Services enables the management of the entity, as well as comprehensive reports on consumption through the EnerKey service.

“In order for us to be able actually to keep track of our energy use, the sections have to be measured separately. In this way, we identify potential energy guzzlers. If energy consumption rises in one place, we get an alarm. As a result, we will be able to manage energy efficiency in large buildings if we can perform the exact analysis of the hour measurement data. This pays for itself quickly, Suuronen went on to say.

Unit-specific measuring also allows each tenant to receive an invoice according to their actual costs.

If you decrease your consumption, it will appear on your invoice. There is also a strong guiding effect on smart practices and environmental awareness.

In addition to Kesko, Enegia implements billing services in terms of heating, electricity and water on the basis of the data received from EnerKey. The billing service enables the enhancement of invoice processing.

Work hours are saved as we get everything in a predigested form. This is how we ensure that our invoices are properly taken care of, and any errors are immediately spotted.

Bearer of the environmental liability

In 2008, Kesko joined the energy agreement of the trading sector, which is intended to contribute to meeting international commitments in combating climate change. In the energy efficiency agreement, Kesko has committed to saving 65 GWh by the end of the year 2016, equivalent to the annual rate of energy consumption of around 2600 single-family houses. By the end of 2014, already 98% of the target was reached.

Social responsibility is one of Kesko’s strategic cornerstones. Effective production and use of energy put a curb on the environmental impact.

“Energy saving is one of the key actions to combat climate change. Kesko is among the frontrunners in energy saving. We are well on track in meeting the objectives,” says Director of Corporate Responsibility Matti Kalervo. He went on to say, “We want to be involved in building a better society. The customer can visit the K-market confidently, whether it is about the fish selection, lighting or energy consumption of refrigeration equipment.”

Kalervo describes the 5 million in savings as a win-win situation.

“We are saving, and the environment is saving.”