JYY to improve the energy efficiency of its properties

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä, JYY, is the students’ own representative and service organization, whose headquarters is the Student House completed in 1964 and designed by Alvar Aalto.

In JYY’s ownership are also residential properties, with about 2 000 residents and the size of which is about 90 000 square meters. JYY pays the energy costs of water, heat and electricity per annum at an amount well over two million euros.

At the turn of the year, JYY entered into an energy efficiency agreement for the real estate industry with RAKLI ry and Motiva Oy. As a result, JYY undertakes to produce a certain amount of energy savings over the next few years. This creates the framework for JYY for future real estate activity and was a catalyst for starting co-operation with Enegia.

The aim of the cooperation between Enegia and JYY is to make JYY’s property portfolio more efficient, and at the same time to seek greater social accountability in its activities. Enegia works with JYY on the energy strategy, which defines the objectives and the means to improve energy efficiency.

“We want to improve the energy efficiency of our entire property portfolio. We are introducing a new energy-efficient technology, and we are constantly looking for new solutions alongside traditional forms. The objective is to start on the right path right away, as a lot of renovation and new construction projects are on the way for the coming years,” says CEO of JYY Marko Huttunen.

Good planning creates the foundation

During the year 2016 will be carried out the design phase, in which the starting point will be analyzed, and targets for energy savings will be set. By means of life-cycle and energy efficiency reports, various options are studied for the development of energy efficiency, and a foundation is created for the practical measures for the implementation phase. In the autumn of 2015, JYY’s property portfolio was linked to the EnerKey reporting system to clarify real-time energy consumption information. In the future, metering will be further enhanced.

“We are currently looking for a strategic target space for the entire entity. The first measure, according to the strategy, is the life cycle of planning of the renovation phase performed in Kortepohja Student Village in Jyväskylä, the purpose of which is to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact from the perspective of both the life-cycle costs and of the users,” explains Jukka Akselin, Head of Energy Efficiency Services.

Energy efficiency will, in the future, be the core operation in JYY’s real estate management.The aim is to develop the awareness and expertise among the owners, the personnel, and the users.

“Most of the real-time expenses come from the costs of energy. Increasing energy efficiency is a way to limit the upward trend of costs and to reduce the upward pressure on rents,” reminds Huttunen. “Together with Enegia, we will develop our operations so that we can make energy planning part of the core activities with respect to each user group.”