Intelligent Buildings enhance people and their lives

Intelligent household appliances and real estate solutions will become more common and at the same time will bring energy and cost savings of up to 30 percent. Easy savings will be achieved, for example, through heating optimization.

Technological advances will help in optimizing the energy consumption of real estate. By identification of the behavior of the users of the real estate, and by monitoring the utilization rates, the base load and consumption peaks will be pointed out, which helps to predict more efficiently the energy consumption of the property. Unnecessary functions, for example in the production of heat or light will be switched off by automatics and will be taken into use if necessary.

– With the help of smart devices and automation, it is possible in the future to adjust the functions optimally according to consumer behavior and the development of electricity prices. This is already commonplace in industry and in larger buildings, says the ICT and Digitalization Manager of Enegia Katri Honkonen.

Digitalization can achieve 10 to 30 percent savings, depending on the baseline. In the management of buildings’ energy use, there is a lot of new business opportunities. According to the survey conducted by Navigant Research who specializes in market research, the global market is predicted to be an $ 11 billion category by 2024.

– The business environment change is constant, and new cooperation models are created all the time. The same company can be our partner as well as our competitor. New buildings are to have an intelligent technology, which is acquired from multiple operators for different needs. In the enterprises, expertise is deepened and focused more closely.

The conditions of the interior premises can be optimized by means of data

Enegia collects a lot of information on the use of energy and on consumption behavior, and the company’s entire service offering is based on the IoT, big data, and machine intelligence solutions. Consumption information is collected and monitored by way of Enegia’s energy management tool EnerKey.

– We know very precisely, for example, how the electricity, water or heat consumption is divided into different property types. We are investing more and more in the processing of information and are wondering in a more targeted way how we can produce information for the benefit of our customers.

With the tools being developed we can monitor energy consumption in real estate in order to build the budgets better. In addition, analytics can be used to make a wide range of energy consumption comparison analysis using data collected over a long period, as well as general trends in the sector. Property owners will be able, with the help of new technology, to also obtain information related to user satisfaction from their properties. Accurate information is obtained on the conditions of the interior premises and the indoor air quality, by which the conditions can be monitored and optimized.

In addition, more accurate data on the environmental impact is accumulating for analysis. As the volume of data increases, Enegia has done more work on the functionality and security of the systems, e.g., to protect it against network attacks.

– Deviations in consumption can, in the near future, be detected more easily and more automatically when machine learning allows self-learning of the EnerKey system so that the system learns to detect deviations in consumption and faulty measurements automatically, says Honkonen.

Smart solutions are arriving at households

Smart solutions are beginning to appear in households. The first quick and easy savings are generally from the ability to recognize the wrong time controls, such as individual electronic heating, and electronic frost protection heating. For example, the heating that is always on in high-rise buildings, which consumes approximately 4 kW, means approximately € 10 per day costs. The annual cost is approximately € 3500, which means by using intelligent optimization techniques, they can be cut in half. Savings can also be achieved quickly by more intelligent lighting control.

The EnerKey water measurement systems monitoring and alert service will also detect water leaks. For example, the continuous leakage of water 50 l/h costs 5 euros a day, and in a year nearly 2,000 euros. The new water measurement technology solutions enable cost-effective water consumption measurements and monitoring.

– In the future, also in households, it is increasingly possible to take advantage of automation and smart devices. For example, towards demand elasticity, in which case the hot water heater heating time can be adjusted, and thus the electricity companies may offer discounts in the price of electricity for households participating in demand elasticity.

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