Heating your sauna efficiently

The World Ski Championships in Salpauselkä in 1978: The Finnish skier Juha Mieto placed 44th in the race. After reaching the finish line, Juha continued directly on the sauna benches still with his skies on both feet, probably his mind heavy and filled with disappointment.

The story above might be a bit exaggerated and the skies only stayed on probably only as far as the dressing room. Still, the story fabricates well the relationship between Finnish people and sauna. Sauna symbolizes a chance to stop and relax whether together in one big group or just by yourself.

When heating a wood-burning stove and waiting for the optimal sauna temperature, other recreational activities happen in the meantime. The activities include things such as chopping some extra wood for the sauna or yard games in Finnish style by playing “Mölkky”.

In the hustle and bustle of work or chatting up with people, time usually flies by and yours truly has often found himself in the situation where the flame of the sauna oven has all burned out by the time people are ready for it. Fortunately, the scenario doesn’t end in disaster since loads of time and soft drinks have been set aside for the sauna evenings.

Saunan energiatehokkuus

After acquiring the Bluetooth thermometer, I began to think about the different possible uses for said device. Due to the extremely good heat tolerance properties, I decided to optimize my sauna heating process by installing a thermometer in the sauna.

The next time I am heating the sauna I can easily monitor the sauna temperature from my mobile phone. Therefore, optimizing the energy used to heat the sauna and ensuring the most optimal conditions for myself or my group.

As in energy metering, automatic tracking makes life easier and the old saying “what you don’t measure, you can’t improve” can again be said to be true.

Happy summer to you all!