From automation into sustainable development and streamlined processes

With the help of software technology, we can make peoples’ lives easier. Although as an industry it’s a challenging one to sum up in a short and simple way. My current job description is related to automation. As rough a simplification: I am working to automate mechanisms based on egg timer, manual labor, and ongoing surveillance.

I am studying information technology in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. I will be graduating in the future as an ICT Engineer. The five-month traineeship is therefore part of my studies.

In information technology I am most interested in automation and creating good user experiences for the customers. One of the best parts of my work is to have new realizations on things that nobody notices when using the systems – but all would notice if it was missing. The details that are commonly unnoticeable. The biggest passion in my work is when I get to integrate my own creation into a part of a bigger system and recognize my own handywork as an integral part of the system.

At the moment, my work revolves around enhancing the integral parts of the organization’s functions through integrations. I have not encountered any boring workdays. Everyday there is something new. I can easily relate to the saying that states the following: “The more you know, the better you know; that as a matter in fact you don’t know anything at all”.

In the short span of the internship I have learned to stay open-minded when working together with a technology that is not familiar to you. There is no saying what you will end up prevailing with an open mind.


The ever more surfacing sustainability

Matters related to sustainability become ever more visible in my personal and working life. To me it’s meaningful to work at EnerKey, where environmental values matter in all aspects. Just to give a small example, we have a highly organized kitchen where we recycle everything accordingly. With transportation we always consider sustainability as well.

EnerKey was recommended to me by my friend. I sent an open application and was invited to an interview, and a long story short: I was lucky to be offered a traineeship. I have been extremely well received and I have done my best to meet up all the expectations career-wise.

I have been included in recreational activities outside of office hours as well. Specially the staff E-sports team is an interest of mine. We have many plans for the team since we strive to always better ourselves, whether it be in professional sense or as a recreational EnerKey E-sports team.