Finnish brands in Europe’s largest sustainability survey

Our environmental awareness in Finland has increased dramatically in recent years. The more we talk about the carbon footprint and the environmental crisis, the more information is flooded from different sources and the more consumers are being sold products that promise to reduce their carbon footprint.

With the flooding information, consumer criticality and life cycle awareness are also increasing. Is the climate impact of a certain product sufficient to cover the carbon footprint of its entire life cycle all the way from manufacturing to waste or recycling phase? Is the lifespan long enough to bring actual climate impacts and economic savings?

If conditions take turn for the worse, the results are not easily visible in a transparent manner and there is not enough value for money, and the consumers’ enthusiasm will fade quickly. Only genuine and fully transparent sustainable development will improve competitiveness in today´s digitalized business environment.

We all at EnerKey are particularly proud of Finland’s listing of companies in the Europe’s largest sustainability brand survey (Sustainable Brand Index 2020). Many of these are organizations whose journey toward sustainability has been supported by EnerKey’s energy efficiency and sustainability reporting platform. EnerKey’s twenty years of development, together with our key customers, has ensured visible results and added credibility to the sustainability branding.

Together with our customers, in addition to sustainable businesses and brands, most importantly, we build a sustainable future.