Energy Manager – looks and listens for solutions

“Energy use measurement data often remains untapped,” says the Customer and Development Manager of Enegia, Marko Puolakka, who has studied the needs of the buyers of energy-management services. These form the basis for the services of the Energy Manager, a service that provides the resources of Enegia extensively to the use of the customers, to make their everyday life easier.

In his Bachelor’s thesis, engineer Marko Puolakka studied the energy management needs of large enterprises and public sector. For example cases, he used the service of Energy Manager of Enegia.

The survey revealed that for a large number of customers, allocating a sufficient time for handling energy issues is challenging. Both the energy-saving and efficiency requirements, as well as there staying up to date seem to require more analysis by companies in which it has not been necessary or possible to hire persons whose main task would be management and handling of energy related matters.

The matter is not helped by-laws and directives related to energy efficiency.  According to Puolakka, in the companies, this is quite well acknowledged, but the extent to which the obligations affect the client company’s everyday activities is another matter. The service provider is here, too, subject to expectations that the Energy Manager will be able to answer.

Energy Manager to put things right

The service or system, using cutting edge technology along with the measurement results and other information retrieved from it, have little benefit for the daily life of the customer without analysis and without checking the situation of the respective customer.

“The client wants convenience, predictable pricing and wide access to the energy management know-how from the service of the service provider,” Puolakka summarized.

Energy Manager service provides expert assistance in the efficient use of energy and its optimum acquisition.

“From among our experts, we designate a person suitable for the customer, who is at the disposal of the organization. The designated person will become familiar with the customer’s energy management processes in depth and is also available to the customer for planning the energy efficiency of real estate, “says Puolakka.

The Energy Manager must identify the energy efficiency potentials and propose the best solutions for achieving the efficiency and if necessary, also to implement them. He or she will also help the customer to acquire energy at the right price.

“Often, the designated Energy Manager will not alone be able to implement the necessary energy management measures. Then he or she will choose from Enegia the support of the resources that will best help them in the customer’s situation. ”

According to Puolakka, it is not enough that the Energy Manager provides real-time feedback of energy use and the development of  efficiency, or to propose and plan measures appropriate to the situation.

“Energy efficiency must also be visible in the customer’s everyday life and belong to the tasks of workers and operating personnel. We train them to develop in energy management. This guidance is individual, as organizations there is a variety of operating cultures and needs. ”

It takes what it takes?

Puolakka knows that there is still a huge amount of energy saving potential in various locations. Yet sometimes one encounters the way of thinking that “it takes what it takes.” The money will wait to be grabbed.

“Often, time and other resources are difficult to find for energy management, analysis, and planning issues. Competitive tendering of electricity and the related risk management is too often perceived as a rather laborious task alongside with the principal task.”

Against this background, a traditional, techno-driven system suppliers role does not help the forward-looking customer move forward. Without a modern information system and automated monitoring of consumption, one cannot indeed survive. But, the Energy Manager service will bring to the energy management entity a more personalized approach conscientious of the situation of the customer.

“The Energy Manager analyzes the measuring data collected from the customer’s real estate and monitors the impact of the energy-saving measures improving their conditions. We help our customers also in the design of energy management investments. These relate, among other things, to ventilation and heat recovery, lighting and cooling and optimization of heating,” Puolakka lists.

He points out that energy efficiency improvement measures and are not always the main target of the investment, but often energy is saved for good measure, even in rationalizing the maintenance or renewal of equipment and lighting.

“When planning and conducting investments, a skilled Energy Manager is of great benefit.”

  Energy Manager’s toolbox

  • Energy expert’s training and experience
  • Building an automated remote management center
  • EnerKey service
  • The resources and know-how of Enegia’s nearly 200 people
  • Job description and service content is always adapted to the customer’s need and the targets set for the operation are agreed upon together.
  • Quality assurance and commitment to the set targets