Energy efficiency is a climate act

Energy efficiency is a climate act that saves both money and resources. In the environmental point of view energy management can achieve a lot. A good example of this is the savings potential found in the heating of residential buildings and properties in Finland.

Saving and optimizing in any way is in general interest of mine. In the concept of EnerKey I was fascinated by the idea of combining energy consumption optimization into energy technology, which I have been studying in Aalto University for two years now. I got to know EnerKey through my bachelor’s thesis, so I ended up calling in for job application. To my delight, a job was available, so I started work in early June. The EnerKey team welcomed me with open arms and in almost no time at all I was already part of the group.

During the summer, my work has included EnerKey’s customer energy consumption data analyzation and visualization. Based on the data I have searched the properties of our client’s possible new energy saving potentials. Specifically, this means examining the energy consumption profiles of buildings and assessing formulas.

If I note that a property has a high nightly energy consumption, it means that I can conclude that there is some optimization to do in the ventilation time. In the future, the observation and analysis of real estate properties that have anomalies will be taken much further with the help of automation and artificial intelligence.


Sustainability, customer orientation, reliability, and efficiency

The values mentioned above can be found above my workstation and I see them daily. I think it’s wonderful that the values of EnerKey need to be assigned by everyone at the company and the values are taken seriously.

I think it is important to have a meaningful job, for the sake of myself and our customers. The work that I do has a concrete meaning, I always keep learning something new doing it. My work combines my major energy technology and my minor system sciences which I benefit from when doing data analyzation.

I’ve been able to consider different approaches and come up with my own solutions independently. In other words, no coffee making or fools errands in this job description.

Antti Saulamo is a third-year energy technology student at Aalto University. He has been working at EnerKey from June of 2019.