Energy efficiency is everyday work at Wihuri

The conglomerate, Wihuri wants to promote energy efficiency. Attaining its goals accelerates the liking of the expertise of Enegia to their staff’s thinking of energy use every day.

Enegia helps Wihuri to rationalize their energy use, particularly in places where electricity is used a lot. According to Wihuri Group’s real estate manager Timo Numminen, the company’s total energy consumption in Finland is 90 GWh. Electricity use forms the majority of the consumption at 72 percent.

The company operates in dozens of locations in Finland, in four domains. These are a technical trade, the packaging industry, aeronautics and the grocery trade. Wihuri has joined the voluntary energy efficiency agreement of large enterprises, which are central to the implementation of the EPBD obligations of the EU in Finland. The New energy efficiency agreement period covers the years 2017-2025.

The agreement

The energy efficiency agreement sets for retail companies to achieve at least a 7.5 percent efficiency rating during the agreement period.

“Wihuri can improve the efficiency of its energy use significantly. The official interim target for the year 2020 is four percent, which we will easily achieve. My goal is tougher,” says Numminen who knows and observes that the early settlement of the situation may still need a finishing touch.

According to him, in Finland, the most energy is consumed in the packaging industry. Wipak, belonging to the Wihuri Group, manufactures packaging materials and packaging for the food and healthcare industries in Nastola, Valkeakoski, and Lahti.

“The packaging industry also has the largest electricity savings potential. The production generates a lot of heat, the recovery of which can become even more efficient in the future. We also recover heat in the Metro wholesale outlets, in which heat is produced especially by large cold rooms,” Numminen explains.

Wihuri made an agreement in August 2016 with Enegia on the Energy Manager Service to identify energy efficiency potential, and to achieve practical solutions in order to achieve savings, as well as provide information on energy use, and also to develop more efficiency.

“In the packaging industry, we have our own maintenance personnel who take care of the property related energy issues smoothly. However, the external Energy Manager always brings new knowledge and skills,” says Numminen.

Small changes have a great impact

Wihuri’s Energy Manager was handled by the engineer and Account Manager Elli Ikonen from Enegia. As the service started, the expert team from Enegia toured all the real estate of Wihuri and mapped out the energy efficiency measures. This provided a good basis for the Energy Manager’s work.

“We have gone through about forty objects. The northernmost one is located in Rovaniemi and the southernmost one in Vantaa,” Ikonen explains.

She estimates the considerable improvement of energy efficiency due to a number of small steps rather than a few large individual cases.

“In particular, ventilation, lighting, and waste heat recovery are under scrutiny,” Ikonen detailed.

Even good planning of real estate ventilation and heating with modern technology cannot be very efficient unless the staff is motivated to pay attention to energy issues. Ikonen considers as one of her important tasks to be guiding Wihuri’s real estate managers towards rational energy use.

“The Wihuri people are on the move with courage and a positive attitude,” Ikonen says.

Energy Manager complements EnerKey

Timo Numminen says the Energy Manager solution is a natural selection on the basis of earlier experience with Enegia.

“Enegia has taken care of our electricity acquisition for many years. In our energy management and reporting services we use the benefit of EnerKey, which the Energy Manager solution is based on with its existing source data,” Numminen explained.

Numminen expects that from the Energy Manager, Wihuri will take initiatives for planning and will make proposals for activities in the guiding of maintenance companies as well as of its own maintenance personnel to detect the possibility for energy savings. “For this kind of work, our own resources do not seem to be enough.”

“Experiences from the previous service have been positive. Also, the cooperation with Energy Manager has been successful, as expected,” Numminen says.

Wihuri is an international conglomerate – a Finnish family-owned business – which operates in four different sectors of industry and trade. The Group employs more than 5000 people and operates in some thirty countries, on three continents.