Enegia recognised for green certificate brokering

Readers of Environmental Finance magazine voted Enegia as the best broker of renewable energy certificates in Europe. Trading in guarantees of origin is an essential part of Enegia’s green services.

In a vote organised by the environmental- and energy-industry magazine Environmental Finance, Enegia won the title of the best broker of renewable energy certificates in Europe. The win in this category was the first for Enegia. However, GreenStream Network Plc, which sold its green certificate brokerage services to Enegia at the turn of the year, won the same award 11 years in a row; this makes the latest recognition especially pleasing.

– Winning this year’s vote was a happy message to us that customers have followed us to Enegia and remained satisfied with our operations and green services. We’re not among the largest operators in Europe, nor do we broker the largest volumes of green certificates, so winning the vote was by no means self-evident, says Portfolio Manager Suvi Viljaranta.

Merits in expertise and attitude

Suvi Viljaranta believes that Enegia won the category relating to green certificate trading most of all thanks to the right attitude and extensive expertise.

– We’ve been on the market for a long time, and GreenStream was one of the European pioneers in green certificate brokering. Many of our customers have worked with us for years, and they appreciate our experience and expertise. Furthermore, we are service-oriented and want to help our customers find the best solutions for them.

The British Environmental Finance magazine and news service have a long history, and they are followed by many working in the climate and energy industry. Therefore, the recent recognition brings deserved visibility to Enegia’s green services.

– I consider winning the vote important, especially because there aren’t many channels where we can profile ourselves in green certificate trading. Our success in Environmental Finance magazine’s vote highlights our skills in green services, says Viljaranta.

Trade that benefits the environment

Renewable energy sources have a pivotal role in the reduction of emissions from energy production. Electricity producers are issued guarantees of origin as proof that a certain amount of electricity has been produced from renewable energy sources, usually hydro- or wind power or wood. Producers, on the other hand, can sell certificates to electricity retailers or directly to major consumers.

Using the accounting-based certificate, or guarantee of origin, system, the amount of renewable energy is monitored, as well as where it ends up: By buying a certain number of certificates you, in a way, reserve that amount of electricity produced with renewable energy for yourself and ensure that no-one else can claim to use that same megawatt-hour.

– Many want to buy renewable energy, but in the electricity grid, it’s impossible to trace where each amount of electricity ends up. That’s why we need a green certificate system. Enegia buys certificates from producers and sells them, for example, to companies whose strategy or values place special significance on favouring renewable forms of energy, Suvi Viljaranta explains.

In addition to green certificate trading, Enegia’s environmental responsibility solutions include emission offsetting services. They involve voluntary offsetting of emissions by purchasing Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs). For example, a company can offset emissions from an event that caused a lot of air travel by purchasing Voluntary Emission Reductions from a verified project, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This way, a company can take social responsibility.