Enegia Group Oy changes leaders – Kalle Ahlstedt appointed as new managing director

M.Sc. (Eng) Kalle Ahlstedt has been selected as Enegia’s new managing director.

Ahlstedt, 48, has worked at Fortum since 1997, holding various business management positions. In his most recent position at Fortum, he was in charge of new businesses and their development. During the course of his career, Ahlstedt has also held various positions of trust in the energy industry. Ahlsted will take up the position on 3 October 2016 and report directly to the Group’s Board of Directors. Enegia Group’s current managing director and major shareholder Tommi Vekka will become a member of the Group’s Board of Directors.

“The upheaval in the energy industry began in 1995 with the deregulation of the energy market. I have been in a good position to view this upheaval and Enegia’s growth in the market during the same period. In my view, Enegia can offer value creating, competitive solutions for both current and new customers. We have a wide range of services to offer to power companies, for example. I think the turmoil in the energy market will continue and, as the leading company in its field, Enegia will have an excellent opportunity to continue growing,” says Kalle Ahlstedt, Enegia’s new managing director.

Enegia is the leading independent company providing expert and energy management services in Finland. Our wide range of services includes solutions for buying, selling and using energy, for managing energy production and for improving energy efficiency. Our customers include companies, retail property owners, energy companies and the public sector, and we serve them with a view to engaging in active and long-term cooperation. Enegia employs approximately 170 energy professionals and has operations in Finland and Sweden.

Further information:

Tommi Vekka
+358 (0)50 563 2853

Kalle Ahlstedt
+358 (0)50 453 3507

Pekka Paalanne
Chairman of the Board of Directors
+358 (0)40 544 9909