Enegia and Fatman have signed a partnership agreement

The conditions for the energy, environmental and cost efficiency of properties will improve with the development of technology. Never before has it been possible to collect as accurate and comprehensive information for support of real estate management. At the same time, requirements for information management are growing. We need to be able to examine the constantly growing amount of data and the automated processes with specialized tools.

Enegia’s EnerKey provides tools for energy data management and efficient management of processes and uses this data such as energy analysis, for cost accounting, and billing and energy investment management. This package is complemented by the Fatman Frame software for real estate asset management and contract management. Together, these two solutions provide a comprehensive information system package for property owners and holders.

“The challenges of meeting the needs of the customer are best solved by mutual co-operation. In my opinion, the most important feature of a good supplier is customer-orientation – that genuinely takes into account the overall need of the customer and the best possible solution is sought. Sometimes it means that in addition to your own solution, you need to find a good partner to complement your offer. Sometimes it means that in part or even completely, instead of your own solution, we need to propose a solution that is better suited to the customer,” says Ossi Talvitie, Managing Director of Fatman Oy.

Talvitie continues: “To be successful in the market, one must be the best in one’s core competence. I think this is what we are in the production management of real estate management – that is, in the online maintenance application – and in real estate contract management. If our own offering is too limited in some regions, it makes sense to look for the best actor in Finland and ensure that your software works seamlessly with that system. Enegia is such a partner in the field of energy management. That is why we have invested a lot of resources in order to be able to provide our customers with a framework that works with our Frame system and Enegia’s Enerkey program. We contribute to the customer experience by providing an integration solution between systems. ”

“No solution will solve all problems, but it is best to choose a system specializing in that area, for each area. EnerKey provides tools to achieve energy efficiency, Fatman Frame is an excellent solution for real estate management and contract management. The starting point of both software platforms is the same, providing the tools for managing the data masses needed for effective real estate management to complement each other. From these starting points, we are happy for both ourselves and our customers. We can move the case of property owners and the environment forward,” says Kalle Ahlstedt, Managing Director of Enegia.

EnerKey partners produce applications and services that complement EnerKey’s functionality and offer leading solutions in their respective areas. Together with partners, Enegia offers its customers a network that is flexible in providing total solutions that exceed the limits of a single application or service package. From the network, EnerKey users have the choice to choose solutions for each need, whose compatibility with EnerKey is ensured.

The solutions of partners are independent of EnerKey and Enegia. Enegia promotes transparency in its operations and works in partnership with various solution and service providers, enabling EnerKey users to reach their energy and environmental performance quickly and appropriately for each user.