Cyber Security Evaluation of EnerKey SaaS by elfGROUP

elfGROUP Cyber Security Services Ltd has conducted a comprehensive security assessment of EnerKey SaaS. The assessment included a thorough review of the solution architecture, development practices and the used toolchain as well as a black-box penetration testing of the web application and its API interfaces.

The architectural decisions and the software implementation are deemed to be in a very good shape in the light of common cyber security best practices, stated elfGroup as a conclusion of the security assessment.

EnerKey SaaS and its API interfaces were thoroughly tested according to industry accepted security recommendations and checklists, including but not limited to the OWASP guidelines for testing authentication, request an access authorization, input validation, data integrity controls, data access controls and hosting platform security misconfiguration issues. At the time of the CyberSafe Solution certification, no critical or high security issues were present in the application. EnerKey SaaS is considered to be adequately protected for storing enterprise sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII), taking into account its intended use, environment and the expected risk landscape.



You can read the Public Summary Statement of Security Evaluation here:




EnerKey Sustainability & Energy Management System (SEMS) is the Nordic region’s leading cloud-native SaaS solution for managing energy data and processes. It holds ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certification. The sustainability features include emissions reporting, waste reporting, traffic fuel monitoring and indoor air quality. EnerKey´s built-in intelligence feature, INES, automatically finds energy and emissions saving potentials from property consumption data.

EnerKey SEMS is used by more than 1,000 of our customers. EnerKey manages consumption data generated by more than 100,000 measurement points across 15,000 properties. EnerKey can also be branded with your organisation’s own logo and visual appearance for your customers’ use as a  white label platform solution – Powered by EnerKey. –